Fan: From now on, please take care of Kasai Tomomi-chan
Shinobu: Her latest song is very good and cute. Although she is a person who is easily misunderstood but I always love her! Let’s keep supporting her together.

Kondo Rina’s 755 Translations

Riichan: Hello-! *heart*
Q: Kondo-san is my oshimen but is it true that I have to change my [755] icon to you?A: Yup!
Q: I can’t get a girlfriend but what can I do to get one?A: You have no hope…
Q: Riichan, I’m a deerA: Finally I’m able to converse with deers…
Q: Riisan please handshake with meA: 1000 yen per go on charaani
Q: I bet you’ve been confessed to before!A: Yup!
Q: Have you ever dated anyone? Since you’re 17 and all.A: Yup!
Q: I recently bought ten handshake tickets for you but is that not enough? *laughs*A: That’s not enough…
Q: Are you allowed to say stuff like you’ve dated people in the past?A: Why should I lie about it!
Q: Maybe you should have kept that a secret?A: It’s totally okay
Q: There’s no verification mark next to your name… I bet you’re a fake!A: Whoops was I found out
Q: You’re tiny!A: I’ll beat you!
Q: Didn’t you say you were a virgin before?A: Yup!
Q: Have you even been to a goukon?A: As if
Q: I’m sorry I asked about your love life. I’m going to be beaten by your wotaA: I’ll be beaten along with you as well…
Riichan: Has there been a thread about this [on 2ch] yet?
Q: Yes. 【Sad News】Kondo Rina isn’t a virgin *link* A: This is hilarious

[Anai Chihiro’s G+] 2014.09.06 11:37AM
パンこげすぎ。The bread was burnt too much。あ、私が焦がしたとおもったでしょ?Ah, you all thought that it was me who burnt it, right?マネージャーさんだよ!It was manager-san!2回も焦がしてた!He even burnt 2 of them!私、見たもん!笑I was the one who saw it!*laugh*さすがに私でも焦がさないよ^_^Even I won’t burn it that bad^_^

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